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Quick Tax Office partners with EPS Financial, EPS offers a program which enhances ERO's tax preparation services (the "Program"), and permits ERO to offer to its Taxpayers one or more products, including (in EPS's discretion): an Electronic Refund Disbursement Service (the "Disbursement Service"), a prepaid card issued by EPS (the "Prepaid Card"), or the Refund Advance Loan ("Refund Advance") (each of the Disbursement Service, Prepaid Card, and Refund Advance is a "Product" and, collectively "Products"). EPS will utilize the services of MetaBank ("Bank") for purposes of facilitating and providing tax refund related services pursuant to the Program.
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Free web-based software that includes EPS financial products for one low price!


  • Individual 1040, 1040NR
  • Business 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 2290, 990, 720, 706, 709, 5500 and 8849
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